Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo is a circular marketplace with up-cycled and responsibly sourced goods. Our mission is to end fast fashion and eliminate the negative impact the industry currently contributes to our planet. By restoring vintage and repurposing quality textiles we are able to give a variation of styles and trends that can fit as a forever piece in anyone’s closet. Our mission is to connect our community to their clothing and remember why it’s important to express your individuality! 

Owner, Justine Gallo has recently opened a store in acorn alley for her circular business Sun in Leo. The brand began in 2022 and has snowballed into a favorite shop for many in Kent and the surrounding area. Everything in the store is up-cycled and responsibly sourced which gives an individual feel and connection to customer’s clothing and accessories. Her first collection was shown at the 2022 Kent fashion show and she has been recognized by Teen Vogue!

founder of sun in leo, justine gallo

Justine Gallo has always had an entrepreneur mindset and has been researching her personal fashion aesthetic since learning to sew in 2014. She began developing her portfolio as soon as she could when entering the university and even launched her first brand Band Together in 2019. Since then she’s found her love for up-cycling as well as a passion for circularity. For her, sustainability in fashion cannot wait and the most significant change she can do needs to start now. By opening Sun in Leo she is able to define circularity and influence others to take large strides towards improving the industry. 

Part of circularly is the responsibility of the waste. Sun in Leo provides free repairs on all SIL products as well as alterations on clothes. There is also a recycling program being implemented where customers can donate their unwanted jewelry and  textiles which Justine decides whether it can be repaired, up-cycled, or properly recycled. Justine is currently collaborating with other stores downtown and plans to host events throughout the year that connects the community to the small businesses of Kent. 

Justine was recognized by LaunchNet in 2022 where they gave her confidence to grow her idea. Since that connection she’s been able to keep in touch with the university and reach out with any questions regarding Sun in Leo and also provide advice for any upcoming entrepreneurs. She also plans to collaborate with the fashion school, specifically design, and help them promote their clothing by giving them a platform to sell. Sun in Leo gives all sections of fashion students job opportunities  and plans to implement an internship program.

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"There's really no reason to need to feel like you're in something new if you feel like yourself, an individual, every time you're out.

Justine Gallo


Bring us your favorite damaged pieces to be repaired instead of tossed. Just because it’s broken doesn't mean it needs to be thrown away. 


Donate your unwanted jewelry and clothing to be up-cycled with us! There is more potential to your things than one season.


For the pieces that cannot be reused, we will collect and send them out to organizations that recycle metals and textiles. 


We must stay responsible for our waste as millions of tons end up in landfills each year. By making a conscious effort we can live in harmony with the planet and create a circular economy.

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