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Chakra Balance Intention Candle

Chakra Balance Intention Candle

The 7 Chakras are our energy center openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. They are associated with our mental, physical and emotional interactions. Sometimes they could be out of balance or blocked and aligning them is very important for our general well being. There are many practices that are use for balancing our chakras and regular meditation is one of the easiest and most practiced one. Find a quiet, comfortable space, light your chakra alignment candle, relax and concentrate on positive energy and peace.

This candle has balancing scents of lavender, lemongrass and vanilla. Garnished with lavender, palo santo, 7 chakra crystal flakes and clear quartz crystals that have been charged under the full moon. Includes an affirmation card to be read every time the candle is lit.

Clear Quartz Crystals +
Howlite + Amethyst + Lapis Lazuli + Amazonite + Tigers Eye + Red Aventurine + Red Jasper Crystal Flakes charged under the Full Moon

100% Soy Wax


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